How do you know who is charging the right amount and who will do the best job?

How to thrive in a room full of strangers

Why network anyway?

Well, if…

And, how to overcome them

In short: yes, and no.

And how to climb up from the bottom

And how you can avoid them too

Why you would be mad not to put design at the heart of your business

The metrics

To put the day job aside and examine this objectively, you only have to look at companies such as Apple, Airbnb or Dyson. These are companies that place design at the heart of their business and report stellar growth and profits — not to mention loyal customers.

What are the typical pain points of business growth that can be solved through design?

Not everyone comes through the front-door of your brand, so each touch-point really matters.

Marcus Taylor

Design agency owner/founder, Taylor Thomas, based in London. I write about design, the design process, and becoming a better human being. A buzz word free zone.

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