The 8 Common Pitfalls of B2B Marketing Websites

1 Your business moves at pace, but the messaging hasn’t caught up

2 Your UX can mislead

3 Positioning isn’t clear enough

Wish you had eight arms? Us too. That’s why we built Keap. Our CRM and sales and marketing tools help you get more done with less work so you can grow your business.”

4 Selling upwards, not downwards

5 Not everyone comes through the front door

6 Messaging just isn’t concise or clear enough

This tells a story. We can see that a task has moved on from the to-do list, to the done list. (Our project manager is ‘pumped’!)
This doesn’t tell a story. It looks like mission control, and it’s just freaking your prospect out. (‘Don’t give me another headache, please!’)

“We see your weighty words, and we want to look away. Maybe we skim. More likely, we guess. Most likely, we delete. The result? You don’t get results.”

7 Your value is with your people as well as your software

8 You don’t stand out

Design agency owner/founder, Taylor Thomas, based in London. I write about design, the design process, and becoming a better human being. A buzz word free zone.

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